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About us

Resolving urgent and difficult personnel problems

With its many years experience in staff outsourcing, Rework Poland helps entrepreneurs optimize their operational costs and relieves them from personnel formalities.  

Formally and legally prepared employees (mainly from Ukraine)

We take care of all recruitment and hiring procedures

Time saving and cost reduction

Over 2,500 employees throughout Poland


Always competent and ready to work

Completion of orders
  • Effective methods: Pick by Voice, Pick by Light

Quality control
  • goods checked in the warehouse control area before packing and dispatch
Unloading of containers
  • manually or using a forklift
  • payment per container

  • quality and quality monitoring of stock-replenishment
  • date expiry and price variation control
Effects are our priority –
we charge for performance

Specialization in two sectors

Pracownicy sklepowi
Pracownicy magazynowi

How we operate


model of recruitment

Rework Poland specializes in hiring capable cost-effective employees from East Europe, especially for the logistics and large-commerce sectors. We relieve your from legal formalities related to recruitment and hiring of staff. Our people are ready to work within a few hours from informing us of your needs.

After successful completion of recruitment procedures, the candidates come to Poland, where they are accommodated free of charge in comfortable living quarters. They undergo medical check-up and obtain the work permits required in Poland. Each employee attends the forklift operator training course and is issued the sanitary and epidemiological certificate.

We continually monitor the quality of the services provided to the Clients. In case of any problems, we offer a 24-hour telephone business emergency assistance.

in Ukraine
  • Delegated resident HR specialists
  • Full supervision of the incoming employees
  • Thorough selection of candidates
  • Coordination of transport and accommodation
and accommodation of candidates
  • We take all the costs of travel and accommodation (Poland – Ukraine)
  • Medical check-up (including sanitary and epidemiological certificates)
  • Formalities (work permits, contracts, insurance, bank account)
  • Professional interview – to check suitability and knowledge of Polish
  • Forklift operator training course
of your order
  • Permanent group of employees at the main quarters (20-40 persons)
  • Ready to pick up job in any part of Poland
  • Ready to start service even within 24 hours
  • Employee can arrive even within 4 hours
  • Employees hold sanitary and epidemiological certificate and are qualified to operate forklift cars
  • Coordinator always in touch with the Client
  • 100% effectiveness
  • Free of charge accommodation and transport to/from works (if needed)
Continuous monitoring
of the standard of service
  • Daily supervision of the realization of orders by our Operations Department
  • Performance evaluation
  • Analysis of staffing needs
  • Analysis of adopted Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Assistance of local coordinator
  • Immediate response to problems
  • 24-hour assistance (business emergency assistance)

Friendly employer

Cross-cultural management


Comprehensive free of charge supervision of the employees in Poland


Dedicated Department for Preparing and Compiling Documents


Comfortable free of charge accommodation


Company internal motivation system (promotions, bonuses, advance payments)


Assistance to employees with families


Wsparcie prawno-formalne (100% uzyskanych pozwoleń)


Any questions?

We’ll be pleased to meet you at your address to discuss and select the most suitable solution


 +48 22 290 44 14

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